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Licensing is our trade. It’s something we love and are always seeking to improve. Every project is an incredible learning experience. To ensure the success of each brand, we don’t simply follow the beaten track,...



We don’t just produce socks, underwear and clothing. We like to think we also produce changes - often revolutionary changes - in the way people dress, in the relationship between people and clothing.



We look after the entire life cycle of our products: from the initial design right up to delivery to customers. Our distribution policy is based on long experience and continuous market analysis.


There’s a clear and almost tangible thread that binds the quality of our products to the success of the brands that market them.

It’s a rare and robust fabric of skills and experience, built on craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and visionary designs quickly transformed into real products and real revenue.

From the concept to the finished product, Trerè Innovation has over the years perfected a manufacturing technique that has made us a leader in the textile market.

We offer the whole package: industry analysis and market research, design of products and collections, packaging development, point-of-sale communication and distribution strategies.

Behind all this is a highly effective Research & Development department which, with the help of sporting champions, conducts laboratory tests on technological innovations and groundbreaking fibres, which are then rapidly integrated into the manufacturing process.

The result is an unrivalled business offering, made up of truly innovative, high-quality textile products that have transformed the modern market for technical clothing.