Success, planned in every detail.

Once the production cycle is complete, the clothing takes one of two routes.
 It is sold either through international distributors using an organisation for warehousing and shipment to chains of retail stores, or directly to the final consumer through orders on e-commerce sites.
All orders from both stores and online shops are handled by a centralised management system, controlled by departmental software.
The plant operates a warehouse for immediate delivery, which guarantees shipment within 24/48 hours from receipt of the order.
Another Trerè Innovation business unit manages supply to large-scale wholesalers.
Deliveries are dispatched to logistics platforms operating across Europe, according to schedules requested by the customer.
Service to primary customers is optimised through the use of appropriately organised
custom warehouses.
This business unit also offers a customer care service to assist customers and respond to inquiries regarding orders and deliveries.